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We proudly serve Manhattan, Junction City, Abilene, and the surrounding communities. Whether you’re looking to buy or need a more temporary rental option, we can match your perfect NextHome. View some of our featured properties or search homes for sale and rental properties.

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Manhattan, Junction City, Fort Riley, Abilene, & surrounding areas

“The real estate industry hasn’t seen a paradigm shift like this in 20+ years! NextHome is the fastest growing real estate franchise to ever hit the market. With our all-inclusive systems, invigorated culture, robust technology, intuitive marketing, and engaged leadership, we truly set ourselves – and your home-buying or home-selling experience – apart from the ‘competition’.”

– Steven L. Burch, NextHome Unlimited’s Broker and Owner

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Buying a home is a step toward an American Dream, financial security and building equity. It is typically an individual or family’s most significant investment, which can make the process feel both exciting and overwhelming (especially for first time homebuyers). Understanding the process and having the right agent to assist you can make home buying enjoyable and rewarding.

Transparency is essential to us. We will be working together as a team to help you purchase a new home. Understanding your needs is paramount to knowing how we can best guide you through the process. We will work with you on the right strategy, taking into account what you need as well as sharing with you what must be done.

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It’s not just our customized, strategic plan that sets us apart. We focus on success through exceptional service based on your needs and lifestyle. Your NextHome Unlimited agent will become an extension of you and your home throughout the sale. Our partnership will be results-driven through a professionalized approach employing responsiveness, accountability, and productivity.

Our NextHome Unlimited agents are trained, educated and licensed professionals. We implement efficient, innovative marketing through our comprehensive services while helping manage your risks, mitigate issues that may arise during your transaction, and reach your end goal of a successful home sale.

Our NextHome Unlimited personalized service and strategic marketing plan are a roadmap for success.

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Property Management

Managing property can be a tough job especially if you are trying to balance it with a regular day job, have multiple properties, or are relocated away from your property. At NextHome Unlimited, we seek to provide the best property management service with the most value and assist you in making your experience with rental properties an enjoyable one.

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